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AR# 29886

10.1 Constraints Editor/Floorplan Editor - Constraints are still saved if closing one plug-in without saving constraints


If both Constraints Editor and Floorplan Editor are up at the same time, and I close Flooplan Editor and decide not to save any changes, these discarded changes still exist in the constraints scratchpad used by Constraints Editor, so by default they get saved when I exit Constraints Editor. 


When is this going to be fixed?


The problem stems from the fact that Constraints Editor and Floorplan Editor share a single constraints scratchpad, and this problem will be fixed in a future release of the software version. That version shall include a message box to warn you that discarded edits may be saved, giving you the opportunity to abort closing Floorplan Editor or Constraints Editor.

AR# 29886
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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