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AR# 29921

9.2i EDK SP2 - plbv46_opb_bridge_v1_00_a, SPLB_Clk tied to ground


EDK 9.2 sp1 (EDK_Jm.16+0) does not automatically connect the SPLB_Clk port of the plbv46_opb_bridge peripheral to the attached PLB bus (PLB_Clk). The port is tied to GND, and there are no errors or warnings in PlatGen. The SPLB_Clk does not show up in the filtered PORTS list (System Assembly View).


Please connect this signal manually to PLB_CLK in the MHS. 


The issue has been fixed and is available in EDK 9.2i Service Pack 2 at:  


AR# 29921
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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