AR# 29979


11.1 EDK - How do I enable MMU support for MicroBlaze on the Spartan-3 series devices?


When I use Base System Builder (BSB) to build a project on a Spartan-3 series device, the options on the MMU tab are always gray.

How can I enable the MMU?


For a Spartan-3 series device, area optimization is on (by default) and the MMU is not available in an area-optimized MicroBlaze. 


1. Right-click on the MicroBlaze instance in the design. 

2. Select "Configure IP". 

3. Select the "Instructions" tab. 

4. Deselect the Optimization box. 


You should now have various options available to select under the MMU tab.

AR# 29979
Date 01/19/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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