AR# 3003


Synopsys FPGA Compiler: Error code "VE-0" from analyze command in dc_shell


Keywords: analyze, synopsys, dc_shell
Urgency: standard
General description:
When a source design file is prepared on a PC (using a PC-based text editor) or is detached from an email message on a PC-based email system, the file contains carriage-return characters that are incompatible with the Synopsys parser. If you try to analyze the file using dc_shell on a UNIX workstation, the analyze command produces the following error, typically referencing line 1:

(File: mydesign.v Line: 1)

This occurs on FPGA Compiler and Design Compiler.


Convert the file using the dos2unix command before running the analyze command.
AR# 3003
Date 04/25/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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