AR# 30053


10.1 EDK - "ERROR: Debug Memory Access Check Failed, DCR bridges are not accessible from XMD"


Keywords: opb, dcr, xmd, offset, address, MAP, debug, interface, section, MicroBlaze

When I use a DCR bridge, the following error occurs:

"ERROR: Debug Memory Access Check Failed
Section, Not Accessible from Processor Debug Interface"

How do I resolve this issue and use XMD to access DCR registers from a DCR bridge?


You can work around this issue by not loading the MHS file by XMD. Typically, this is done by launching XMD from outside of the EDK project directory (rather than launching XMD directly from the GUI).

1. Open and EDK shell, Project > Launch EDK Shell.
2. Invoke XMD at the prompt.
3. Connect to the Power PC processor with commands similar to the ones found in the <project>/etc/xmd_ppc405_0.opt file.
AR# 30053
Date 09/17/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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