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AR# 30114

9.2i FPGA Editor - "WARNING:FPGAEditor:3 - You cannot make logic changes in the current edit mode."


I am trying to use the Logic Block Editor to modify a component configuration, but when I select the Begin Editing button, I see the following warning and I cannot edit the component.

"WARNING:FPGAEditor:3 - You cannot make logic changes in the current edit mode."

How can I change the edit mode?


FPGA Editor has three Edit Modes, called Read Only, No Logic Changes, and Read Write.

This warning happens when the Edit Mode is not Read Write.

The following steps can be used to change the edit mode to Read Write:

1. Select File -- Main Properties to allow modifications to the design in the FPGA Editor

2. Select Read Write from the Edit Mode drop-down list

3. Click OK

Logic Block Editor can now be used to modify component configuration.

It is also possible to make Read Write the default editing mode by adding the following line to your fpga_editor.ini file:

setattr main edit-mode Read-Write

AR# 30114
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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