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AR# 30115

9.2.04i, iMPACT - Configuration of the NKY file fails with the ISC_PROGRAM_SECURITY error iMPACT:1774


When trying to configure my FPGA device with an encrypted bit file, I receive the following error message:

"iMPACT:1774 - Can't find such instruction ISC_PROGRAM_SECURITY"

If I try to download the BIT file and the NKY file at the same time, or if I try to download only the NKY file, the same error happens.


The ISC_ PROGRAM_SECURITY error message is a known issue with 9.2.04i and the updated BSDL files coming with sp4. The BSDL update was not supposed to be released with sp4 and changes broke the programming of the NKY file.

There are several possible work-arounds:

1. Upgrade to 10.1 when this 10.1 is released, as this will be fixed.


2. Rename ISC_PROGRAM_KEY to ISC_PROGRAM_SECURITY in the associated BSDL files.


3. Replace the BSDL files for the affected devices with the latest versions from the download center at:


AR# 30115
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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