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AR# 30229

VCS 2006.06-SP1 - Internal Error: ** OTENF: E QOP_LHSNDXIPS (W,V,V) /* lhsndxips */


I encounter a fatal error while compiling a design with ISE 10.1 unimacro libraries and VCS 2006.06-SP1: 


** OTENF: E QOP_LHSNDXIPS (W,V,V) /* lhsndxips */ 

Note: OTENF is an internal error meaning Op_Table Entry Not Found 

** OTENF: E QOP_LHSNDXIPS (W,V,V) /* lhsndxips */ 


This error also occurs if I use CompXLib to pre-compile the 10.1 unimacro libraries. 


How can I resolve this error?


This is a known issue with VCS 2006.06-SP1. This issue has been resolved in VCS 2006.06-SP1-14.  


For information on how to obtain this version, please contact Synopsys Customer Support or visit Synopsys SolvNet Web site at https://solvnet.synopsys.com/portal/dt

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AR# 30229
Date 05/22/2014
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