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AR# 30230

10.1/11.1 ChipScope Pro - ChipScope cannot find cable drivers when using the cs_server and issues: "ERROR: Failed to open Xilinx Platform USB Cable"


When I try to use the ChipScope Pro analyzer on a Windows 64-bit machine accessing the cable using the cs_server, the tool cannot connect to the cable and the following messages occur:

"INFO: Source driver files not found.

INFO: The Platform Cable USB is not detected. Please connect a cable. If a cable is connected, please disconnect and reconnect to the usb port, follow the instructions in the 'Found New Hardware Wizard', then retry the Cable Setup operation.

INFO: Cable connection failed.

ERROR: Failed to open Xilinx Platform USB Cable. See message(s) above."


The current 32-bit ChipScope server does not work on 64-bit Windows because the interface used is looking for 32-bit cable drivers. Two possible ways to work around this issue are the following:

- Use the 64-bit ChipScope Pro Analyzer

- Use the 64-bit ChipScope server with 32-bit analyzer

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AR# 30230
Date 12/15/2012
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