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AR# 30303

10.1 EDK - How do I upgrade MicroBlaze from v7.00 to v7.10 in EDK?


Keywords: Upgrade, XCL, Cache, MB, uBlaze

How do I upgrade MicroBlaze from v7.00 to v7.10 in EDK?


MicroBlaze v7.00 can now be upgraded to v7.10, which provides new options to always use XCL for cache memory access. With these options, resource utilization can be reduced in systems using MPMC, since the PLBv46 connection to MPMC is no longer necessary. Also, since the connection between MicroBlaze and MPMC now only requires two MPMC ports, it is possible to connect up to four MicroBlaze processors to one Memory Controller.

There are no issues when upgrading a system to MicroBlaze v7.10 in itself, but a few manual steps are necessary to use the new cache options.

The system must fulfill the following prerequisites to take advantage of the new cache options:
- The system must use MPMC with PLBv46, IXCL and DXCL connections.
- MicroBlaze must be the only master on the PLBv46 bus (indicated by a square connection in the Platform Studio Bus Interfaces view).

To upgrade from v7.00 to v7.10, follow these steps:
1. Change the MicroBlaze HW_VER parameter in the MHS file to the active MicroBlaze 7.10 processor version found in the IP Catalog. When the file is saved, EDK will automatically update the system.
2. If you wish to use the new cache options:
a. Right-click on MicroBlaze in "System Assembly View" and select "Configure IP?". Go to the "Cache" tab, and select the two check boxes "Use Cache Links for All I-Cache Memory Accesses" and "Use Cache Links for All D-Cache Memory Accesses".
b. Right-click on MPMC in "System Assembly View" and select "Configure IP?". On the "Base Configuration" tab, change PLBV46 to INACTIVE.
AR# 30303
Date 02/18/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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