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AR# 30326

Virtex-5 GTP Aurora - Lane assignment in the GUI might not match the generated reference design


Page2 of the Aurora 8b/10b CORE Generator GUI allows users to select which GTP connects to which lane of the Aurora Core. The lane assignments selected here are not correctly connected in the generated Aurora Core. The Aurora Core will always generate the default lane order, which connects Lane 1 to the bottom-most GTP selected. Subsequent lanes (2, 3, 4...) will be connected in ascending order up the GT column.
In other words, both of these inputs:

will result in the same generated core:


If you need a lane order different than the Aurora default, you can manually reassign Aurora lanes to the correct GTP in the Aurora wrapper.

The step-by-step procedure for the lane reassignment:
  1. Choose the required configuration details on Page 1 and Page 2 of the GUI.
  2. 2hoose your intended lane assignment as per your requirements on Page 3.
  3. Generate the core.
  4. It is a good idea to back up the design files before continuing, just in case.
  5. In the GTP wrapper instantiation present in the top-level file (which matches the name input on Page 1 of the GUI), swap the connections between <PORT_NAME>, <PORT_NAME_GTP1>, <PORT_NAME_GTP2>, etc.
  6. Simulate the code to ensure the changes were done properly.
  7. As always, verify that the new lane assignments make sense with LOC locations of the GTP_DUAL's in your UCF file.

In this example, the core name is "aurora_lane4321" and these changes are made in "aurora_lane4321.vhd."
* Code snippet before lane re-assignment *
_________________________Instantiate GTP Wrapper _____________________________

gtp_wrapper_i : aurora_lane4321_GTP_WRAPPER

generic map(



port map (

--Aurora Lane Interface

RX POLARITY_IN => rx_polarity_i(0),

RXPOLARITY_IN_GTP1 => rx_polarity_i(1),

RXPOLARITY_IN_GTP2 => rx_polarity_i(2),

RXPOLARITY_IN_GTP3 => rx_polarity_i(3),

.......... etc.

* Code snippet after lane re-assignment *

_________________________Instantiate GTP Wrapper _____________________________

gtp_wrapper_i : aurora_lane4321_GTP_WRAPPER

generic map(



port map (

--Aurora Lane Interface

RXPOLARITY_IN => rx_polarity_i(3),

RXPOLARITY_IN_GTP1 => rx_polarity_i(2),

RXPOLARITY_IN_GTP2 => rx_polarity_i(1),

RXPOLARITY_IN_GTP3 => rx_polarity_i(0),

.......... etc.
AR# 30326
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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