AR# 30335


10.1 Timing Analyzer/ Constraints Editor/Floorplan Editor/PACE - Launching via command line causes multiple issues (crashes to incorrect files)


When I launch PACE (pace), Timing Analyzer (timingan), or Constraints Editor (constraints_editor) from the command line, a new dialog box appears and requests ISE files. One of the following messages occurs: 


- Incorrect NCD or NGD files are automatically populated in the dialog box 

- Incorrect TWR, UCF, PCF or TWX files are loaded into Timing Analyzer 

- Crashes Project Navigator with 9.x ISE files  

- Crashes when cross-probing


To work around this issue, use the older versions of the tools, which can be found at the following: 


- PACE -> pace_old 

- Timing Analyzer -> timingan_old 

- Constraints Editor -> constraints_editor_old 


This problem has been fixed in the latest 10.1 Service Pack available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 10.1 Service Pack 3.

AR# 30335
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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