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AR# 30374

Schematic - RAMB36 initial values are all set to zero; behavioral simulation fails


Keywords: init, width, write_width_a, write_width_b, Virtex-5, zero, attribute

All of the INIT values of the RAMB36 component have an initial value of zero. For the most part, this is acceptable. However, if I place the RAMB36 component on a schematic and run a behavioral simulation on the design without changing the initialization attributes (specifically READ_WIDTH_A and READ_WIDTH_B) to the desired value, an error similar to the following occurs:

"Attribute Syntax Error : Attributes READ_WIDTH_A and READ_WIDTH_B on ARAMB36_INTERNAL instance tb.UUT.XLXI_5.INT_RAMB, both can not be 0."


To have a valid behavioral simulation, the correct initialization value must be set for the RAMB36 component.

To change component attribute values, right-click the RAMB36 and select "Object Properties...".
AR# 30374
Date 04/16/2009
Status Active
Type General Article