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AR# 30378

10.1 ISE ? ?WARNING:ProjectMgmt - Problems were detected in the project file during open"


When I try to open my ISE project, I receive the following warning message:

?WARNING:ProjectMgmt - Problems were detected in the project file during open. If you experience problems with data inconsistency we recommend that you run Project -> Cleanup Project Files.?

Why do I receive this message?


This error message is output when Project Navigator notices that a specific entry in the ".ise" file is missing or inconsistent. There are two scenarios in which Project Navigator can find a ".ise" project file inconsistent or missing data and still allow the project to open:

Scenario 1:

Project Navigator is able to determine the correct settings for the missing/inconsistent data in the ".ise" file.

Scenario 2:

Project Navigator cannot determine the correct value for the missing/inconsistent data in the ".ise" project file but determines that there will be no adverse side effects of ignoring the missing/inconsistent data.

In both scenarios ISE Project Navigator allowed the project to be opened, but in Scenario 2, since ISE Project Navigator is unable to determine what the missing data is, the above warning is output to the user. The inconsistencies are believed to be harmless. However, running Cleanup Project Files will clear up any inconsistencies. Cleanup Project Files is not run automatically so that the project status will be preserved.
AR# 30378
Date 03/14/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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