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AR# 30396

10.1 SmartXplorer - Questions on System Requirements for Host Machines


Keywords: remote

Do I have to install ISE on the remote host machines for SmartXplorer to work? If not, can I install any Linux OS on the remote host machines?


ISE does not need to be installed on the remote host machines, but the Xilinx PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables used in the environment where the job is started must be valid on the remote machine. This can be either a network path to the same installation or a local path to an equivalent installation.

The Operating System of the remote host machines must be supported by the ISE tools for Xilinx to support SmartXplorer usage. Refer to the ISE 10.1 Installation Release Notes and the ISE Operating System Support page for a list of supported Operating Systems.

More generally, if the machine in question can successfully run NGDBuild, MAP, and PAR commands from a network installation, it should be able to be used with SmartXplorer as long as the network path to the ISE installation, the project directory, and all source file directories are the same as on the master machine where the SmartXplorer job is started.

AR# 30396
Date 06/25/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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