AR# 3043


Foundation F1.3, Logiblox: TNM attributes on Logiblox in schematic do not pass to EDIF file


Keywords: Foundation, logiblox, TNM, attributes. timespec

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When running translate in F1.3, Ngdbuild may give you a warning and error messages such as this:

WARNING:basts:19 - The user TIMEGRP "tnmgrplo" does not contain
any elements such as pads, latches, flip-flops, or RAMs,
either from direct references or from include groups. This
can be caused either by other time groups that are empty of
these elements; or if the TIMEGRP was defined as a predefined
group (i.e. FFS(Q*)) and the predefined group has no elements
(i.e., FLIPFLOPS for FFS(Q*)). Please modify this TIMEGRP so
it contains elements.

ERROR:basts:40 - One or both TIMEGRPs referenced in the THRU
and/or TO fields of the "FROM:TO" TIMESPEC "TS02" are empty or

Timing Specification DRC failed with 1 error(s) and 1 warning(s).

This problem may be caused by the fact the TNM = timegrp_name
attribute you have attached to the logiblox symbol in the
schematic is not appropriately transfered to the EDIF netlist. When you try to use this timegrp in the TIMESPEC, it will
complain that there is no element in this timegrp.


Currently, Foundation F1.3 does not properly pass any type of
attributes on Logiblox symbols on a schematic. Therefore, if
you place a TNM attribute on a Logiblox symbol, the TNM will
not get passed to the underlying logic in the EDIF file.

Until this problem gets fixed in Foundation, the immediate
workaround is to assign the TNM attribute via a UCF file. The
syntax for this is:

INST module_reference_name TNM = timegrp_name;

If the logiblox module is instantiated in lower level, then you
will need to specify the complete heiarchical name.
AR# 3043
Date 03/02/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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