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AR# 30447

10.1 PlanAhead - "ERROR: [HD-Constr 0] Could not find net '' (file = .ucf, line = #)"


When I "Import Constraints..." and choose my UCF into the PlanAhead project, the following errors comes up. 


"ERROR: [HD-Constr 0] Could not find net '<net_name>' (file = <file_name>.ucf, line = #) " 


These nets exist and can be found in the I/O listing. All of my physical constraints seem to be applied why is there an error?


These error messages are referring to any nonphysical constraint.  


All the Physical constraints are applied correctly, so these error messages can safely be ignored. 


This is scheduled to be fixed in PA 10.1.03.

AR# 30447
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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