- /proj/dir/my_proj/system.mhs line 85 - could not find the MPD!"">


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AR# 30452

10.1 EDK - Error: "xps_iic INSTANCE: - /proj/dir/my_proj/system.mhs line 85 - could not find the MPD!"


When I use my EDK 9.2i design in EDK 10.1, the following error message occurs: 


"xps_iic INSTANCE: <instance_name> - /proj/dir/my_proj/system.mhs line 85 - could not find the MPD!"


The xps_iic_v1_00_a Core no longer exists and the xps_iic_v2_00_a Core should be used to replace it. Since this is a major version change in the xps_iic Core, the "revup" tool cannot make the change. You must make the change manually as follows: 


1. Open the project's MHS file. 

2. Find the xps_iic instantiation. 

3. Change HW_VER = 1.00.a to HW_VER = 2.00.a. 

4. Save and close the MHS.

AR# 30452
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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