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AR# 30513

10.1 PlanAhead - Unable to launch PlanAhead on Linux


Keywords: cannot, launch, permissions

After installing PlanAhead 10.1, I am unable to launch any of the executable files for PlanAhead. The permissions are set to 750, instead of 755, on all of the PlanAhead executables.

When will this issue be fixed?


This issue has been fixed in the 10.1.2 version of PlanAhead. It is strongly recommended that you update to the latest version of the software.

Linux users who do not have group or owner privileges will not be able to execute PlanAhead unless they chmod all the files under the $XILINX/10.1/PlanAhead/bin directory. The recommended chmod command is "chmod -R o=g" which will set the "other" privileges (the last three locations in the privileges mask) to be equivalent to group privileges, most commonly 4 for data and 5 for executables.

AR# 30513
Date 06/25/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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