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AR# 30582

10.1 EDK - Montavista 2.6.10 kernel does not compile for linux_2_6_v1_01_a and linux_2_6_v1_00_c MLDs when the design has a GPIO core


When I try to compile the Linux 2.6 kernel with a GPIO driver, I get the following errors: 


drivers/char/Xilinx_gpio/xgpio.o(.text+0x15c): In function 



xgpio.c: multiple definition of `XGpio_GetDataDirection' 


drivers/char/Xilinx_gpio/adapter.o(.text+0x0):adapter.c: first defined here 


ppc_405-ld: Warning: size of symbol `XGpio_GetDataDirection' changed from 192 in drivers/char/Xilinx_gpio/adapter.o to 240 in drivers/char/Xilinx_gpio/xgpio.o 


make[3]: *** [drivers/char/Xilinx_gpio/Xilinx_gpio.o] Error 1 


make[2]: *** [drivers/char/Xilinx_gpio] Error 2 


make[1]: *** [drivers/char] Error 2


This problem will be fixed in the Linux v1.01.a BSP which is to be released in service pack 2 of 10.1.

AR# 30582
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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