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AR# 30593

10.1 ISE - Project Navigator attempts to overwrite symbol for a State Diagram Editor (.dia) file


During a Synthesis process, Project Navigator pops up a dialog box stating:

"File <project_dir>\<state_machine>.sym already exists. Do you want to overwrite?"

Possible problems:

- The outputs of the State Diagram have not changed, and there is no need for the symbol file to be overwritten.

- If the user has specifically edited the symbol file (shape, pin order, etc.), overwriting the symbol will change the edited symbol.

- Recreating the symbol will make the symbol out of date in any schematic where it is instantiated.


This pop-up dialog will be displayed if the HDL file for the State Diagram is regenerated after the symbol file is created.

Selecting "No" will allow synthesis to continue with the existing ".sym" file. However, the pop-up message will appear again if the design is synthesized again.

Selecting Yes will update the ".sym" file, and an error will occur during design rule checking stating that the symbol is out of date. Once the instantiating schematic file is opened and updated, the pop-up dialog and error message will not return until the State Diagram is updated and new HDL is compiled for the Diagram.

Alternatively, the ".sym" file can be opened in a text editor and saved without changes (or touched) to update the timestamp. This will prevent Project Navigator from issuing the pop-up dialog (PN checks the external timestamp of the ".sym" file) and will not produce the Out of Date error from Design Rule Checking (Design Entry DRC uses the internal timestamp of the ".sym" file in ISE 10.1).
AR# 30593
Date 07/26/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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