AR# 30596

ISE Design Suite Install - Nothing happens when I try to launch xsetup for the installer or updater


When I attempt to launch an ISE Design Suite product installer or updater, the cursor turns into an hourglass, and then straight away changes back to a pointer.

I checked the Task Manager, and the xsetup process starts up and closes right away.

Is there a way to get the installer to run?


Solution 1

For ISE Design Suite 11.x and earlier, confirm that you have the directory "lib/<platform>/" in your install folder.

If this folder exists, attempt to remove all references to Xilinx products from your %PATH% and try again.

Add <PATH_TO_INSTALLER>/bin/<platform> to the beginning of your path and try again.

For more information on environment variables, see (Xilinx Answer 11630)

Solution 2

Launch xsetup within <PATH_TO_INSTALLER>/bin/<platform>.

Solution 3

For ISE Design Suite 11.1, this can also occur if you are attempting to launch a Single File Download installer of a product on an unsupported OS.

Confirm that the product you are installing is supported on the OS that you are installing it on.

Solution 4

This situation occurs if you are trying to launch an update for an OS that the update was not built for (that is, trying to run XilinxUpdate for Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit OS).

Solution 5

Confirm that the installer was untarred correctly.

If untarring the file causes the hierarchy of the installer to be flattened or if no directories are seen in the installer, nothing happens.

Confirm that the ".tar" file you downloaded is complete and untar the installer to confirm that you are not flattening the hierarchy of the installer.

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