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AR# 30611

10.1 ISE - Project -> Apply Project Properties fails with "ERROR:ProjectMgmt:387 - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'Could not create the Tcl Wrapper component for IInterface'"


When I try to Apply Project Properties, after selecting the ".ise" file and clicking OK, the following message appears in a pop-up dialog box:

"Apply Project Properties Failed.

The Tcl code hook did not run properly.

See the transcript window for details."

Transcript window output looks similar to the following:

ERROR:ProjectMgmt:387 - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'Could not create the Tcl Wrapper component for IInterface'.

Tcl_ErrnoId: unknown error

Tcl_ErrnoMsg: No error

_cmd: Xilinx::Dpm::dpm_chApplyProjectProperties {C:\Temp\flash\flash.ise} $piThisInterface

errorInfo: Could not create the Tcl Wrapper component for IInterface

while executing

"$_projectComponent GetInterface $::Xilinx::Dpm::IProjectID"

(procedure "Xilinx::Dpm::dpm_chApplyProjectProperties" line 27)

invoked from within

"Xilinx::Dpm::dpm_chApplyProjectProperties {C:\Temp\flash\flash.ise} $piThisInterface"


This error occurs if the ".ise" file that is selected to "Apply Project Properties" from is READ ONLY and is from a previous ISE version (e.g., ISE 9.2i).

To avoid the error, the ".ise" file can be given READ/WRITE permissions. However, to assure that all properties are updated from the previous version ".ise" file, it should first be migrated to the current version. See (Xilinx Answer 20656).

This problem has been fixed in the latest 10.1 Service Pack available at:

The first service pack containing the fix is 10.1 Service Pack 1.

In ISE 10.1.01 (10.1 Service Pack 1), Project Navigator will only accept ISE 10.x ".ise" files for the Apply Project Properties process.

Also, see (Xilinx Answer 14626).

AR# 30611
Date 05/13/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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