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AR# 30615

10.1 PlanAhead - Does PlanAhead Lite get installed with ISE 10.1? What is the difference between Full, Lite, and Eval versions?


Keywords : planahead, lite, install

I installed ISE Foundation with Simulator 10.1i, but I did not see any PlanAhead files in my ISE install directory. Is it a separate entitlement product/install for customers that do not have the full version?


There is a known issue. If there are problems getting PlanAhead Lite, please download a 60-day evaluation or install it using webinstall.

The full ISE DVD unified install image gives you the chance to install the ISE, PlanAhead (or PlanAhead Lite), EDK, and other tools. This is based on your user Reg-ID.

You have to tell the installer that you want to install the PlanAhead/PlanAhead Lite image as well as the ISE Design Tools image.

The PlanAhead and PlanAhead Lite tools are the same package and executable. When the tool starts up, it checks your Reg-ID to determine if it is running in PlanAhead mode, PlanAhead Eval mode, or PlanAhead Lite mode.

All three cases are the same tool, and same files on disk. These are independent of the ISE install. The PlanAhead 10.1 release works with the ISE 9.2, 9.1, etc. release. The PlanAhead evaluation is only limited by time--it is the full-feature set for 60 days. The PlanAhead Lite tool has a limited-feature set.

AR# 30615
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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