AR# 3062


M1.3/1.4 - Fatal Error:basnp:basnpdevice.c:533.1.17 bad nph file (from map and other applications)


This fatal error is an indication that the system encountered a
bad NPH file. NPH files are system data files that describe the
physical resources of a particular Xilinx device being used,
for example 4020xl.nph. However, there is no 1 to 1 correspondence between the device and NPH. For example, a
4028XL uses a 4028EX.NPH instead, and Spartan devices use
corresponding 4000E NPH files.

There are two possible reasons for this error message:

1.There is an ftp file patch named "" that contains
dummy .nph files to save disk space. For lab purposes, the
file just needs to exist. The lab install area on the
Performance Pack CD contains the same dummy .nph files.

Neither of these two lab install patches are intended to be installed on top of a full function M1.3.7 installation. If this is done, no applications that depend on the .nph files will run successfully.

2.Installation of certain device data directory (such as
Xilinx\xc4000ex\data) might have been corrupted.



If the lab install patch has been inadvertently installed into the main M1.3.7 area, the area should be removed and the M1.3.7 CD re-installed.


Copy the NPH file missing (i.e. 4020XL.NPH) from Design
Implementation CD (i.e. xc4000xl\4020xl.nph) to corresponding
directory in your install area.

If the NPH does not exist in Design Implementation CD (i.e.
4028xl.nph, 4036xl.nph,..), the tool is using other nph
files instead (i.e. 4028ex.nph, 4036ex.nph,..) as specified
in device ACD files. However, these ACD files (which map
each device and all corresponding data files) are encripted.
Thus, it is always a good idea to copy all device directories
(i.e. xc4000e, xc4000, xc4000ex, xc4500, etc) from Design
Implementation CD to the corresponding directories in your
local install area
AR# 3062
Date 04/10/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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