AR# 3066


96 DATA BOOK: XC3064A/L, XC3164A/L, XC3O90A/L, XC3190A/L I/O pins misprint


Keywords: 3064, 3164, I/O, pinout, 3090, 3190, 144, TQFP

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

The 9/96 and 7/96 Programmable Logic Data Books have some errors in the "Number of Available I/O pins" table on page 4-326 of both books.


The XC3064A/L and XC3164A/L have 120 I/O pins (not 110 pins) available for the 144 pin package.

The XC3090A/L and XC3190A/L have 122 I/O pins (not 120 pins) available for the 144 pin package.

This is evident by counting the number of I/O pins of each device on page 4-333 of both data books.
AR# 3066
Date 08/08/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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