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AR# 30783

10.1 ChipScope - Running setup -autoupgrade on Linux results in "No Xilinx products can be found in the registry"


When I attempt to run setup -autoupgrade from 10.1 ChipScope on Linux, the following message occurs:

"No Xilinx products can be found in the registry".


This is a known issue with the 10.1 Install of ChipScope. To resolve the issue, you can use the following script:


1. Download the archive to a temporary area.

2. Run "unzip add_cspro_to_xilinxrc.zip".

3. Run the add_cspro_to_xilinxrc.sh script.

The "setup -autoupgrade" utility should now run correctly.

AR# 30783
Date 06/11/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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