AR# 30791


11.1 EDK - MicroBlaze multi-processors do not appear to be communicating to each other


I have created a multi-processor design (MicroBlaze) communicating to each via the mutex (xps_mutex_v1_00_a) and mailbox (xps_mailbox_v1_00_a) Cores. I have defined that the mailbox and mutex Cores are on the PLB1 bus, instead of the PLB0 bus.


Currently, the tools identify the mailbox and mutex Cores as residing on the PLB0 bus. Modify the xparameters.h file so that the base address of the mailbox and mutex Cores has a PLB0 address rather than a PLB1 address.

This problem has been fixed in EDK 11.2, available at:

AR# 30791
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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