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AR# 30797

10.1 iMPACT - Can I add data file formats to a PROM file that are not ".elf" and ".mem"?


iMPACT allows only the "<file_name>.elf" and "<file_name>.mem" to be added in the PROM File Formatter for the "Add Data Files" option. Can I add any other Data file formats to the PROM file?


This can be done using the PromGen tool by means of the command line. You can use the "-data_file" switch to add any type of data file. You will need to know the correct start address for the file. This will need to be outside the range of the configuration data. If you have difficulty, you can use iMPACT.

1. Select the "PROM Support Multiple Design Revisions".

2. Select Using BPI Mode and Direction Up.

3. Select your Data Width.

4. Select an Address for Revision 1 that will be in the Address range of Revision 0. X will work.

5. Add a "<file_name>.bit" file to Revision 0.

iMPACT will show a Dialog that gives the total bitstream size in Hex. Use this to ensure your data does not overlap with the configuration data.

The switch to add the data files in Progeny are "-data_file <path and file name>" and "-s <Start address in hex>".

This issue will be resolved in iMPACT 11.1.

AR# 30797
Date 02/13/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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