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AR# 30813

10.1 UniSim/SimPrim-: # Warning : Address DADDR=1010110 is unsupported at DCM_ADV


Keyword: UniSim, SimPrim, Address, DADDR, DCM_ADV 


When I try to set the phase shift value to "Direct" through DRP, I receive the following warning and PSDONE does not assert. Why?


This feature is not supported in the simulation model. That is, you cannot send address 56h to set CLKOUT_PHASE_SHIFT to DIRECT. 


Instead, you will have to set the CLKOUT_PHASE_SHIFT attribute to "direct" in the DCM instantiation, and then you can write the desired tab value 0-3FFh (DI) (0-1023 tabs) to DADDR 55h. 


There are currently no plans to support this feature in the simulation model.

AR# 30813
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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