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AR# 30935

XAPP 859 - Installing DMA demonstration user application fails on some systems


When executing the XAPP 859 DMA Demonstration User Application, WD910_csharp_xapp859_diag.exe, it might error out and fail to run if the system does not have Microsoft Framework v2.0. How can this be fixed?


The system must have v2.0 of Microsoft Framework installed. You can download a free upgrade of this software at:


To verify the install is successful, navigate to C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework and verify that the v2.0.xxxxx folder is present. Once upgraded, restart the system and re-execute the XAPP 859 GUI application.

NOTE: XAPP 859 refers to WD910_csharp_xapp859.exe but the file is actually named WD910_csharp_xapp859_diag.exe.

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AR# 30935
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