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AR# 30947

ChipScope Pro Virtex-5 GTP SIOTK- Methods for correctly modifying PMA_RX_CFG DRP attributes


Through the IBERT Virtex-5 GTP Console it is possible to modify the default attribute settings for selected GTP_DUAL tiles. Since there are two transceivers in each tile, many of the attributes exist separately for GTP0 and GTP1 in the tile and are delineated by an _0 or _1 respectively. In the IBERT Virtex-5 GTP Console, the attribute names PMA_RX_CFG_0 and PMA_RX_CFG_1 in the Edit DRP window are swapped in relation to each other.


Since it is only the names of the attributes in the Edit DRP window that are incorrect, it is a simple work-around to modify the corresponding attribute for the complimentary transceiver in the tile. For example, if PMA_RX_CFG_0 needs to be written too, select PMA_RX_CFG_1 instead, and likewise, if PMA_RX_CFG_1 needs to be changed, write too PMA_RX_CFG_0.  


This issue is isolated to the PMA_RX_CFG attributes. If modifying the DRP by selecting a particular address, there is no reason for concern as the addresses are written also correctly. For more information on DRP addressing, please refer to Appendix D in the Virtex-5 FPGA RocketIO GTP Transceiver user's guide: 


AR# 30947
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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