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AR# 30984

10.1 PACE - PACE was unable to parse the HDL source file


Keywords: package, parse, hdl, source, file

When opening PACE pre-synthesis to assign package pins, I receive an error that states PACE is unable to parse HDL source file. The following error is evident in the transcript window:

"ERROR:HDLParsers:3014 - <file> Line #. Library unit <package_name> is not available in library work."

How can I resolve this issue as the package is added to the project and is in the work folder in the library tab?


PACE is not able to parse package files that are included in HDL files. There are 2 ways to work around this issue.

Solution 1:
Comment the line that specifies to use the package file before launching PACE. For example, if you have a package with the name <name_of_package>, you would comment out the following line:

use work.<name_of_package>.all

When PACE launches, you will receive an error in the transcript window that states a module is undefined. This will occur for any module that is defined in the package file. This error can be ignored, and will not effect the constraints written out by PACE.

Once you are done using PACE, before you synthesize your design, uncomment the use package line so that synthesis knows where the design modules are defined.

Solution 2:
Open PACE standalone, and open the "<top_level>.ngd" file with the UCF that is associated with your project. This file is the output of synthesis, so the package has been incorporated into the design and does not need to be parsed by PACE. You can then assign the package pins based on this file.
AR# 30984
Date 06/12/2008
Status Active
Type General Article