AR# 3107


M1.3 LOGIBLOX WinNT w/ Number Nine video card may crash when component is created; N9I128V2.dll


Keywords: LogiBLOX, WinNT, Win NT, Windows NT, KMODE, N9I128V2.dll
Urgency: Standard
General Description:

There have been reports that when a component and its options are selected in LogiBLOX and the user hits "OK", Windows NT will crash. The blue screen will give an error message similar to:

<memory addresses>
KMODE exception not handled
<memory addresses>
dll base datestamp name
<lists approx. 50 dll's under the above headings>


The resolution is to go to Number Nine's website ( and download an updated version of the N9I128V2.dll. Version 4.102.30 of this file has been known to work whereas version 4.102.05 of this file created the above error.
AR# 3107
Date 07/10/1998
Status Archive
Type General Article
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