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10.1 System Generator for DSP - Why do I receive the error "standard exception: XNetlistEngine: XTreeView::lookum_vertex: lookup failed" when I try to generate my Multiple Subsystem Generator design?


Keywords: sysgen, MSG, Multiple Sub-System Generator, fatal, internal, bi-directional, bidirectional

My design uses the Multiple Sub-System Generator token and contains an HDL black box with bi-directional ports. When I try to generate this model, the following error occurs:

"standard exception: XNetlistEngine:
XTreeView::lookup_vertex: lookup failed

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This is due to a known issue in 10.1.01. To work around this issue you need to generate the two sub-systems individually and use HDL to combine them into a single top level wrapper.

This issue is fixed in System Generator for DSP service pack 2.
AR# 31071
Date 05/28/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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