AR# 3111


M1.4 PAR - Turns engine requires explicit use of -pl and -rl switches to work.


The Turns Engine feature of PAR will fail in M1.4 unless
the switches -pl and -rl are used explicitly on the command
line or if the Design Manager is being used, specified using
the Template Manager.

The -pl and -rl are new switches for M1.4 that specify
Placement Effort Level and Router Effort Level. Valid values range from 1 to 5.


For command line use, specify -pl and -rl in the command:
par -m nodelist.txt -pl 5 -rl 5 design.ncd out.dir design.pcf

For Design Manager usage, the Template Manager can be used
to add the -pl and -rl switches to the par command line:

Choose: Template Manager -> Customize
Set Program Name to "par".
Set Program Options to "-pl 5 -rl 5".

AR# 3111
Date 10/20/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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