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AR# 31254

11.1 EDK - FlashWriter Error: "write cmdbuffer failed 20000015"


Keywords: USB cable, flash

When using Flashwriter to write to the flash with the Platform Cable USB, the following errors have been observed on a few machines under certain conditions:

write cmdbuffer failed 20000015.
write cmdbuffer failed 20000015.
write cmdbuffer failed 20000015.

Once the error occurs, removing and replugging the USB cable is the only way to restore JTAG service.


To work around this issue, run Flashwriter from an EDK Shell:

EDK_Shell> xmd -tcl flashwriter.tcl

For more details about running FlashWriter from the EDK Shell, see the "Flash Memory Programming" chapter and "Customizing Flash Programming" subsection of the Embedded System Tools Reference Manual.

AR# 31254
Date 04/28/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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