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AR# 31255

10.1.02, System Generator for DSP - Why does Simulink report that my output type is obsolete in MATLAB 2008a when I have a signal width greater than 54 bits?


Keywords: SysGen, 2008a, Double, Sfix

When I have a signal of 60 bits (any signal greater than 54 bits) it is shown as an obsolete data type in Simulink reading Sfix60_En14_Obsolete.


This is a known issue for System Generator designs with signals wider than 54 bits using MATLAB 2008a. To work around this issue, you have to use the converter blocks from the fixpt_legacy_sfun_support library.

This issue arises as a result of System Generator support for both MATLAB 2008a and 2007b which have different data types. This work-around will be required only through the rest of the 10.1 releases.
AR# 31255
Date 06/27/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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