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AR# 31402

MIG v2.3 - Release Notes and Known Issues for ISE 10.1 IP Update 3 (IP_10.1.3)


Keywords: CORE Generator, ISE, installation, IP, update, Memory Interface, MIG, Controller, DDR, SDRAM, QDRAM

This Release Notes and Known Issues Answer Record is for the Memory Interface Generator (MIG) v2.3 released in ISE 10.1 IP Update 3 and contains the following information:

- General Information
- Software Requirements
- New Features
- Resolved Issues
- Known Issues

For installation instructions, general CORE Generator known issues, and design tools requirements, see the IP Release Notes Guide at:


General Information

MIG is no longer provided as a separate download, but it is now incorporated into IP Updates. MIG v2.3 is available through ISE 10.1 IP Update 3 (10.1.3).

For a list of supported memory interfaces and frequency support, see the MIG User Guide:

Software Requirements

- ISE 10.1.3
- Synplify Pro 9.2.4 support
- 32-bit Windows XP
- 32-bit Linux Red Hat Enterprise 4.0
- 64-bit/32-bit Linux Red Hat Enterprise 4.0
- 64-bit XP professional
- 32-bit Vista business
- 64-bit SUSE 10

New Features

- Support for Dual Rank Virtex-5 DDR2 SDRAM design.
- Virtex-4 DDR SDRAM design updated to use per-bit deskew calibration technique.
- PPC440 compatible pin-out support for Virtex-5 DDR2 SDRAM.
- Support of Single-Ended vs Differential system clock selection in MIG tool.
- Support of high-performance mode for IODELAY in MIG tool.
- FPGA floor plan changed to an architectural view from package view in bank selection screen in MIG tool.
- Separate options for Verify UCF and Update Design in MIG tool.
- Support for Verify UCF and Update Design for Spartan-3 Generation in MIG tool.
- Support of Virtex-5 multiple interface simulation test bench.
- Support of two bytes per bank for data signals for Virtex-5 DDR2 SDRAM design.
- Support of DDRII SRAM for Virtex-5.
- TXT parts support for Virtex-5 designs.
- Support for Debug Port for Virtex-4 DDR2 SDRAM Direct Clocking design.

Resolved Issues

DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-5
- Tri-state control polarity for DQ during reset corrected.
-- CR 475131
- The parameter IDELAYCTRL_NUM is moved to the top level.
-- CR 469681

- Half cycle path on compare_error signal changed to full clock cycle path.
-- CR 476583
- Unused signal clk180 removed from input ports when DCM Option is disabled.
-- CR 474498
- Corrected the X_CORE_INFO data.
-- CR 474278
- Calibration logic does not consider input data from user interface.
-- CR 471643
- User does not need to drive the active byte write signals during calibration.
-- CR 469050
- The parameter IDELAYCTRL_NUM is moved to the top level.
-- CR 469681

DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-4
- Enabled deep design support for MT8HTF6464AY-53E and MT8HTF6464AY-667 parts for Direct Clocking design.
-- CR 475264
- Instance name of IDELAY_CTRL in mem_interface_top corrected for Direct Clocking, no DCM, VHDL design.
-- CR 474962
- Support added for Debug Port.
-- CR 472813
- Timing is met for all SERDES design preset configurations.
-- CR 471731
- ACTIVE command is not supported from user interface (Direct Clocking and SERDES designs).
-- CR 445050

DDR SDRAM Virtex-4
- Implemented per bit calibration algorithm.
-- CR 471733
- ACTIVE command is not supported from user interface.
-- CR 445050

DDR/DDR2 SDRAM Spartan-3
- Removed the environment variable "set XIL_PAR_ALIGN_USER_RPMS=1" from ise_flow.bat file for all Spartan-3 Generation
designs. This environment variable is no longer needed. See (Xilinx Answer 31107) for further information.
-- CR 473718
- Corrected the CLKOUT_PHASE value for Spartan-3A timing analysis.
-- CR 472309
- Corrected the pjcli script for Spartan-3A DSP and Spartan-3E devices.
-- CR 471668
- Pin compatibility works between Spartan-3A and Spartan-3AN.
-- CR 471666
- When data mask is disabled, removed logic that drives the data mask signals for all Spartan-3 Generation designs.
-- CR 471665
- In all Spartan-3 Generations designs, the logic for the read data FIFO read enable generation was modified. See (Xilinx Answer 471470) for further information.
-- CR 471470
- Single burst of burst length 2 is not supported in all Spartan-3 Generation designs.
-- CR 471469
- Removed invalid constraints from UCF file for all Spartan-3 Generation designs.
-- CR 470778
- Resolved issue with larger Spartan-3 devices where the local route delay was greater than 1900 ps for top/bottom banks. See (Xilinx Answer 30679) for further details.
-- CR 469861
- BUFGMUXs replaced with BUFGs in all Spartan-3 Generation designs.
-- CR 455439

Updates to MIG User Guide
-- CR 475354 - Corrected the QDRII SRAM Virtex-5 burst read operation description.
-- CR 475228 - Added more description about the MIG output file names.
-- CR 474085 - Memory implementation guidelines for CK and CK_n signals corrected for Spartan designs.
-- CR 473994 - Added CLKDIV0 description to DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-5.
-- CR 473966 - Detailed description of clock requirements added to the FPGA options of the DCM section of
user guide when DCM is enabled and disabled.
-- CR 473965 - New sections on clocking scheme added to all design descriptions.
-- CR 473932 - Added a separate section "Using MIG in Batch Mode".
-- CR 473445 - Added more details on the user design clocks.
-- CR 473215 - Added description on using the pin compatible memory devices without changing the UCF file.
-- CR 472715 - Two new devices XC3S700AFT256 and XC3S1400AFT256 added to the device table list.
-- CR 471644 - Added notes about selecting master bank for QDRII SRAM Virtex-5, x18 part and 36-bit data. User must not select data read bank as master bank when there is only one data read bank allocated in that column.
-- CR 471170 - The order of app_wdf_data and app_mask_data corrected in figure 9-10.
-- CR 471128 - User interface to controller signal description table added for Virtex-5 sections.
-- CR 470417 - Added CLKDIV signal to the top level DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-5 block diagram.
-- CR 469684 - GUI screen shots updated.
-- CR 469107 - Details added to the Update Design and Verify UCF flows.
-- CR 467479 - Added a note about running CORE Generator to generate a MIG design in batch mode with a space in project path.
-- CR 467470 - Updated Verify UCF error messages.
-- CR 455672 - Added clarifying details to the WASSO section.

- MIG Tool
- Resolved issues with Update Design as noted in (Xilinx Answer 31081).
-- CR 474553 - When non-DCI banks are selected for DQ, corrected the RLOC constraints of the slave pins.
-- CR 474552 - Resolved DM pin allocation issue when non-DCI banks are selected for DQ/DQS of DDR and DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-5 designs.
-- CR474083 - Update Design outputs the correct DQS Squelch constraints for DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-5 design when DQS pins are swapped.
-- CR 474081- Update Design outputs correct RLOC_ORIGIN constraints for DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-5 design.
-- CR 474067 - Update Design outputs the IDELAYCTRL LOC constraints based on new pin-out.
-- CR 474356 - Removed the undesired string with special characters from the VHDL top level RTL file of updated design.
-- CR 473856 - Fixed bugs in Update Design Feature.
-- CR 474578 - Update Design works for x4 memory parts of 1.73 input UCF file.
-- CR 474554 - Update Design does not parse the comments in input UCF file.
- Support for Single-Ended and Differential System Clock selection.
-- CR 416890
- Bank floor plan is changed from top view to an architectural view.
-- CR 416850
- Verify UCF now checks the port signal case.
-- CR 475617
- Verify UCF now checks whether the CC_N pin of the DQS tile is allocated to only output signal for DDR SDRAM Virtex-5
-- CR 475616
- Resolved issue with FXT single PPC non-DCI banks for DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-5 data group.
-- CR 475265
- More details added to the Bank Selection screen of MIG GUI.
-- CR 473964
- Design notes are viewed before the generation of design.
-- CR 473963
- Enhanced features of Update Design.
-- CR 473857
- Added the internalmodulename parameter to CORE Generator summary.xml file.
-- CR 473738
- Separated out the Verify UCF and Update Design features in MIG GUI.
-- CR 472747
- Corrected the supported CAS latency to be 2.5 for DDR SDRAM -75 parts and frequency greater than 100 MHz.
-- CR 472059
- Update Design outputs the correct UCF file when 1.73 input UCF file is passed for DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-4 SERDES design.
-- CR 471908
- Batch mode is supported for Virtex-5 multiple interface designs.
-- CR 471885
- Resolved issue with reserved pins in data read bank for QDRII SRAM Virtex-5 with the DCI cascade option. See (Xilinx Answer 30786) for further information.
-- CR 471884
- Verify UCF feature will not consider the error, init_done, and sys_rst signals for verification.
-- CR 471846
- Low power option is supported for Virtex-5 designs.
-- CR 471762
- Removed the enable/disable text for the Data Mask option.
-- CR 471759
- Data mask module is properly instantiated depending on the MIG Data Mask setting for all DDR and DDR2 SDRAM designs.
-- CR 471726
- Removed the black_box files in Virtex-5 designs for Synplify Pro. Black_box files are no longer required. See (Xilinx Answer 30814) for further information.
-- CR 471745
- Simulation test bench file modified for Virtex-5 designs to run VCS simulations. See (Xilinx Answer 30814) for further information.
-- CR 471697
- Verify UCF for QDRII SRAM Virtex-5 reports an error message when the "masterbank_sel_pin" is moved to a non-master bank.
-- CR 471642
- Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 DDR SDRAM designs support the minimum frequency of 77 MHz.
-- CR 471637
- MIG properly enables memory depth of 2 or 4 for dual rank DDR2 SDRAM parts for Virtex-4 Direct Clocking designs.
-- CR 470539
- Removed the async reset primitives in all MIG designs where applicable.
-- CR 470352
- Verify UCF for QDRII SRAM Virtex-5 supports verification of input UCF when 36-bit data is split between two banks.
-- CR 470132
- Resolved issue with Update Design for QDRII Virtex-5 when a UCF for a MIG v1.73/v2.0 x36 device is input. See (Xilinx Answer 30785) for further information.
-- CR 469998
- Resolved issue with Update Design for QDRII Virtex-5 when a UCF for a MIG v1.73 x18 device is input. See (Xilinx Answer 30782) for further information.
-- CR 469997
- Memory device selection shows the full DIMM part numbers as per the data sheet.
-- CR 469786
- Resolved simulation errors on tRAS, tRP and tWR parameters for Qimonda Create Custom Part.
-- CR 469686
- New memory parts created using Create Custom Part option are saved to the CORE Generator project folder.
-- CR 469465
-- CR 448842
- Virtex-5 multi-controller designs support Webtalk attribute "CORE_GENERATION_INFO".
-- CR 469245
- Update UCF is supported for 1.73 and 2.0, x36 memory parts of QDRII SRAM Virtex-5.
-- CR 468852
- Virtex-5 multiple interface designs - When DCI is enabled, DDR2 SDRAM address bank cannot be selected in the QDRII SRAM data read or Master bank.
-- CR 468851
- MIG will not use dummy master bank sel pin when data read bank is selected as Master bank in QDRII SRAM Virtex-5 designs.
-- CR 468850
- Memory density for Unbuffered DIMM MT16HTF25664AX-40E properly displays 2 Gb.
-- CR 468814
- MIG supports 72-bit SODIMM.
-- CR 468565
- Write recovery value in Mode register corrected for DDR2 SDRAM Virtex-5 design.
-- CR 467851
- Blank WASSO values will set to default values.
-- CR 459764
- No need to double-click on create custom part "value" to edit. It works with single click.
-- CR 459759
- When MIG is closed without generating a design, error message is not displayed.
-- CR 459684
- MIG can now also read in UCFs with bus convention format <x>.
-- CR 456704
- Characters are no longer truncated on bank selection page when viewed in Chinese and Korean language.
-- CR 455327
- Special characters do not appear in Memory License Agreement page or Design Notes page.
-- CR 455279
- MIG supports valid FXT pin-out compatible for LX/SX design.
-- CR 452513

Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 32097) MIG v2.3, Update Design/Verify Design - "ERROR: The same pin was allocated to more than one signal."
(Xilinx Answer 31299) MIG v2.3, Virtex-5 DDR2 SDRAM - Timing parameters are incorrect in simulation and hardware
(Xilinx Answer 31590) MIG v2.3 - Memory parts created using the Create Custom Part feature are not visible in the GUI after relaunching MIG
(Xilinx Answer 31807) MIG v2.3 - Why does MIG crash after uploading my mig.prj and UCF to the "Update Design" tool?
(Xilinx Answer 31802) MIG v2.3 - Virtex-5 DDR2 Multi-Controller: Example_Design and User_Design pinouts do not match
(Xilinx Answer 31797) MIG v2.3 - Virtex-4 DDR/DDR2 Direct Clocking: Extra IDELAYCTRL instance LOC causing WARNING:Place:851
(Xilinx Answer 31772) MIG v2.3 - Known Issues for Verify UCF with Spartan-3 Generation devices
(Xilinx Answer 31580) MIG v2.3 - Virtex-5 QDRII, DDRII, Multi-Controller: Provided active high reset logic does not work properly in simulation
(Xilinx Answer 31588) MIG v2.3 - Virtex-5 DDR SDRAM: Simulation will remain in reset if the value of the parameter RST_ACT_LOW is changed from '1' to '0' in the simulation test bench (sim_tb_top.v/.vhd)
(Xilinx Answer 31578) MIG v2.3 - DDR2 SDRAM: Simulating with Qimonda models causes "Memory Allocation Failure" error
(Xilinx Answer 31579) MIG v2.3 - Virtex-5 QDRII: ERROR:Place:899 - The following IOBs use DCI and have been locked to the I/O bank #
(Xilinx Answer 31606) MIG v2.3, Virtex-5 DDR2 - Are CLK and CLK90 related?
(Xilinx Answer 31734) MIG v2.3 - Spartan-3 Generation DDR2 SDRAM: tRAS and tRFC specifications are violated for certain memory parts
(Xilinx Answer 31801) MIG v2.3 - Spartan-3A Starter Kit: When running the ISE project output by create_ise.bat, Translate fails with ERROR:ConstraintSystem:59
(Xilinx Answer 31591) MIG v2.3 - Spartan-3 Generation DDR/DDR2 SDRAM: Incorrect hierarchy for the fifo_we_clk constraint in the provided user_design UCF
(Xilinx Answer 31771) MIG v2.3 - Virtex-5 DDR2 SDRAM Dual Rank - ERROR: tRFC maximum violation during No Op occur in simulation
AR# 31402
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