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AR# 31416

XAPP859 DDR2 SDRAM DMA Initiator Demonstration Platform - Is the driver source code available?


Is the driver source code available for the driver binary and application that accompanies this Xilinx Application Note?


Xilinx developed the driver and GUI application for XAPP859 using the Jungo WinDriver software. To do this, Xilinx purchased a license for WinDriver as any other Jungo customer would to enable the creation of the driver for this project.

The Jungo WinDriver wizard produces a driver binary (.sys file) and C code header files (.h) that are used for the software application development. No actual source code for the driver is produced.

The Jungo License Agreement explicitly prohibits Xilinx from releasing any files generated by the Jungo software other than the driver binary. Due to this, Xilinx cannot release the header files.

However, users can download an evaluation version of the Jungo WinDriver software and use the project file provided by the FTP link, to recreate the driver and produce the same header files.


Revision History

08/06/2008 - Added FTP link to project file.

08/01/2008 - Initial Release

AR# 31416
Date 12/15/2012
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