AR# 3150


Foundation F1.3 State Editor, XABEL: Error APP_95 "<file>.edf does not exist" when creating macro


Keywords: fsm, abel, state editor, macro

Urgency: standard

General Description:

When attempting to create a macro from the State Editor using
Abel as the synthesis language, the following error will occur,
and the macro will not be created:

does not exist.

Operation Failed.



This is due to a bug in the Foundation F1.3 tools. This
problem will be fixed in the Foundation F1.4 tools. For F1.3,
the following procedure may be used as a workaround:

1. Generate the Abel code for the State Machine by selecting
Synthesis -> HDL Code Generation from the State Editor.

2. Open up the HDL Editor via the Project Manager and load
the .ABL file which was just created by the State Editor.

3. Create the macro from the HDL Editor by selecting
Project -> Create Macro.

*NOTE: Be careful to update the macro in the HDL Editor
whenever you make a change to the State Machine diagram.


AR# 3150
Date 03/02/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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