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AR# 31531

10.1 Floorplan Editor - Dragging and dropping a level of hierarchy is generating incorrect constraints


When I drag and drop a level of hierarchy from Floorplan Editor into the design, a single location is added for FIFOs and block RAMs. 


Here is an example of a constraint that Floorplan Editor creates: 


AREA_GROUP "AG_example" RANGE = SLICE_X17Y245:SLICE_X12Y240,FIFO16_X1Y30;


The tools are expecting a range and are receiving a single location. 


To work around this issue, manually edit the UCF to read: 


AREA_GROUP "AG_example" RANGE = SLICE_X17Y245:SLICE_X12Y240,FIFO16_X1Y30:FIFO16_X1Y30; 


This issue is scheduled to be fixed in Service Pack 3 for ISE 10.1.

AR# 31531
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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