AR# 31562


11.1 EDK - The XLlDma driver (version v1_01_a and later) does not work with SDMA in a PPC440 system, when HDMA is enabled in the design


Keywords: DMQ, direct, memory, access, soft

I am using MPMC for Memory Controller in a PPC440 system which also has HDMA enabled. I want to use the XLlDma driver with SDMA but it does not work. The LLDMA driver still uses DCR access to configure the SDMA.


The Xilinx Local-Link DMA driver (XLlDma) has the ability to support the Hard DMA Block in the PPC440 system and the Soft DMA PIM in Multi-Port Memory Controller (MPMC). However, the driver can support only one DMA at a time (Hard DMA or Soft DMA) and supports Hard DMA by default, when both DMAs exist in a PPC440 system. To use the XLlDma driver with the Soft DMA instead of Hard DMA, follow the steps below.

1. Copy the XLlDma driver to the local drivers/ directory under the EDK project area.
2. In the file xlldma_hw.h of the local XLlDma driver, uncomment the following line.

/* #undef XPAR_XLLDMA_USE_DCR */

3. REBUILD the s/w libraries to ensure the local XLlDma driver is used.

This allows the driver to be used with Soft DMA instead of Hard DMA.

AR# 31562
Date 05/11/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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