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AR# 31593

11.1 PlanAhead - How do I run the launch scripts created for implementation in a different OS than the one in which I created the scripts?


I created a few implementation runs in Windows and was able to create the launch.sh scripts. I tried launching the scripts in Linux, but I received errors. What do I need to do to cause the scripts to run?


The launch.sh script calls a runme.sh script within the "floorplan_x/run_x" directory. Both launch.sh and runme.sh are file system dependent. Because you created the files in Windows, you have to switch the path from having "\" to "/". Also, runme.sh has a variable ISEStep with a file path; you will have to change this to the appropriate location in your Linux machine.

AR# 31593
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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