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AR# 31745

11.1 Partitions - Translate (NGDBuild) requires '-intstyle ise' switch


Partition management requires an ISE project file. The NGDBuild '-intstyle ise' switch must be used with the '-ise <project>.ise' switch to ensure that all out-of-date source files are checked and that only the required Partitions are updated.


The '-intstyle ise' switch allows command line tools to only update design files that have had their source modified. Without the use of this switch, all design files are updated by default (when running from command line). 


Therefore, it is a requirement that the '-intstyle ise' and '-ise <project>.ise' switches are set for NGDBuild when running from command line.

AR# 31745
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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