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AR# 31754

Platform Flash XL - What is my power requirement for the VDDQ supply?


There are no numbers for the current draw on the Iddq supply in the Platform Flash XL. 

What current draw should I budget for on this supply in my Power System?


The current requirements depend on board design.

It is mainly determined based on the K operating frequency, loading of data output pins, and the data pattern. 
We recommend a 200 mA budget for VDDQ [+VPP] in the ~3.3V I/O range.

VPP is recommended to be connected to VDDQ on the board, and this value covers both VDDQ and VPP. 
The above number is a worst case estimate for a single XCF128X connected to a single Virtex-5 FPGA as shown in the data sheet schematic operating at 3.6V and 50 MHz with a worst-case data pattern.
AR# 31754
Date 10/17/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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