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AR# 31807

MIG v2.3 - Why does MIG crash after uploading my mig.prj and UCF to the "Update Design" tool?


After uploading a "mig.prj" and UCF to the "Update Design" tool within MIG v2.3, the tool crashes without giving any warning or error messages.

What causes this and is there a workaround?


There are some known issues with the Update Design tool in MIG v2.3 that cause the tool to crash: 

  1. "Update Design" does not currently support Multi-Controller projects.
    If a "mig.prj" file is uploaded for a Multi-Controller design, the tool will crash.
    To work around this issue, create single-controller MIG designs for the controllers.
    Use these "mig.prj" files along with individual UCF files to update the UCF files individually.
    Combine the resultant UCFs into a single Multi-Controller UCF that can be used with the Multi-Controller design. 

  2. MIG currently only supports the UCF syntax used in the MIG output UCF.
    Please ensure you follow this syntax in creating or modifying your UCF.  

  3. MIG currently only supports MIG provided constraints in the uploaded UCF.
    Additional pin LOCs, for example, will cause "Update Design" to crash.
    Remove all constraints unrelated to the MIG design from the UCF. 

  4. "Update Design" does not currently support updating a MIG project with a custom part created using Create Custom Part.
    If a "mig.prj" file is uploaded for a custom part design, the tool will crash.
    To work around this issue, create a MIG design with the same interface widths (data, strobe, address, etc.) and use this "mig.prj" to update the design.
    The output UCF can be used with the custom part design. 

If you experience a crash unrelated to these items, please open a webcase for further assistance: 


AR# 31807
Date 07/29/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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