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AR# 31828

10.1 EDK, MPMC v4.03.a - Does MPMC support row/bank management?


Does MPMC support row/bank management? 

Are there any plans to support it?


MPMC does not manage open row and banks. 

There are no plans to add bank/row management to MPMC.

However, newer cores such as the PPC440MC_DDR2 do have open bank/row management. 


Suggestions for improving memory performance: 


  1. Combine multiple, smaller transactions into a larger one.
    Use of 32 or 64-word bursts will increase memory utilization. 
  2. Using the NPI PIM interface directly can help maximize performance, but is specific only to MPMC - no design reuse.
  3. If using PLB, align the transactions to 16-word boundaries.
    This prevents multiple internal transactions as all bursts are internally address-aligned.
  4. Another possibility is to use PPC440MC_DDR2 with the PPC440 crossbar inside a Virtex-5 FXT part.
    PPC440MC is based on the MIG controller and does support row/bank management.
AR# 31828
Date 03/05/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Memory Interface
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