AR# 31848


11.1 EDK - Can "iba_trig_in" be connected to the PowerPC 440 for hardware/software co-debug?


In a PowerPC 405 or MicroBlaze system, the Debug Wizard will connect the "iba_trig_in" and "iba_trig_out" when IBA core is inserted and "Enable HardWare/Software Co-Debug" is selected. However, the Debug Wizard did not connect the "iba_trig_in" for the PowerPC 440 system. Why?


For PowerPC 440, only the "iba_trig_out" signal is connected for co-debugging, because the PowerPC 440 interface does not have the halted and program counter signals as the PowerPC 405 and MicroBlaze do.

AR# 31848
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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