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AR# 31853

10.1.8 PlanAhead - MAP - ERROR:Pack:2233 - The constraint collection belongs to SPECIAL component category, but no matched component type found.


Running ExploreAhead on my design in PlanAhead 10.1.8 gives me the error in MAP. I was able to run ExploreAhead in PlanAhead 10.1.6. How can I work around this?


PlanAhead 10.1.8 is incorrectly setting the DELAY elements as fixed and then exporting the constraints to the UCF, causing the MAP error. To work around this issue, after exporting the constraints file, open up the UCF and comment our all LOC constraints on the delay elements in question.

You cannot use ExploreAhead 10.1.8 in this case. MAP needs to be run manually with the constraints commented out.

AR# 31853
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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